My Home Is….Zion, The City of God

“What are your thought on the old, ‘home is where the heart is’…..”  A friend wrote this in an email to me recently as part of our virtual coffee shop cruising conversations.  We’ve both lived in many different places, with many different people and are sharing a similar experience, states away from each other, living in another person’s house.  In her case, the person she rents from is “….making sure I don’t feel TOO at home.” as she put it.  In her case, she’s renting and writes that, “I say, I’m home when I get in.”  My situation is different – less commitment and a little more than couch surfing.

Back to her question, though, about home being where the heart is – I like it.  My heart is usually where I am in the moment, whether hiking in Zion National Park, meditating on a mountain, sitting in a coffee shop typing on my computer, or helping out an almost-friend at her business while she recovers from an illness.  When I’m doing these things that I love, am passionate about, and/or am of service, I feel “at home” and divinely content – divinely connected.  My spirit and mind seem to be more at peace in this place of being with god as being at home, rather than where my head rests at the end of the day.

So, where I am in my heart, in my mind with god, is home for me.  Last week this place was displacement.  After voicing this to some friends and acquaintances while I was “working-ish” at a coffee shop, one pointed out that I was simply out of my comfort zone.  He clarified to me that this did not mean that I should find a way to be comfortable where I was at, but suggested that I think about where I’m most comfortable in my heart and move in that direction.  I was being motivated to move into my comfort zone, rather than being pushed to accept the “place” I was in at that moment.  That made me think about my situation from a different perspective, one that I liked, one that gave me more choices and opportunities to work with.  I no longer felt displaced.

As a result of this, my day shifted to one of hope, happiness, and even contentment – divine contentment.  In a world that labels me homeless, I felt wealthy again.  I realized that my GPS (God Providing Shelter) coordinates are centered in my heart, not on a map.  As far as resting my head at the end of the day, at this time I do this in southern Utah, the Zion area.  What’s even better is that in the bible, Zion is The City of God.


About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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