The Sacred Paint Brush, My Holy Grail

Beginning the mural at Park House Cafe in Zion - Springdale, Utah.

Today I begin a mural for a restaurant.  I’ve never painted a mural before, but I have no worries as hands have been extended in my direction, guiding me, coaching me, and encouraging me.  Experienced hands of artists, photographers, and other professionals.

The Sacred Brush

One artist friend of mine loaned me his sacred brush, one he’s used on many murals.   My first impression of the brush was that it was old, worn, and too small.  When I asked him about it, with all seriousness he looked at me, holding the brush in front of his hand, then looked at the brush and said, “Kristy, this is a GOOD BRUSH.”  I knew I was handed something special and I would need to hold and honor it with respect.

My Symbol of the Holy Grail

The brush is now my symbol of the Holy Grail, “A symbol of the spiritual wholeness that leads a person to union with the divine.”  In moments I will put this brush in my hand and begin priming my canvas – the patio wall at Park House Cafe in Springdale, Utah.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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2 Responses to The Sacred Paint Brush, My Holy Grail

  1. Kristy, it was nice meet you today! Thanks for letting me part of the local history which is the wonderful scarf inspired mural you are painting. And thanks for letting me part of the fun–which is your life. Like you, I feel that I was lead to Zion (The City of God) by an internal GPS. In your blog you say GPS stands for God Providing Shelter; and the coordinates are centered in our heart, not on a map. I agree with that. I also think of GPS could stand for “Getting Past Self” which is one important element to how we find God, it involves connecting with others, and getting out of own way. Today, posing with ‘The Scarf’ helped me do just that–it really turned my day around!

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