Obituary and Memorial Service for James “Bradley” Meinert

James "Bradley" Meinert in Springdale, Utah

Brad’s brother, Mark sent this obituary to me, that it may be shared and found by the many friends his brother made in “this thing called life.”  I’m a little sad that I will be traveling and unable to attend the memorial service, but am happy that my little blog posts have helped people to find information about his death and share their memories, thoughts, and information.

James “Bradley” Meinert

A life fully and well lived.  A son, a brother, uncle and friend well loved.

Brad’s life was tree care and working in his gardens. Brad moved to Southern Utah in 1973 at 18 years after completing high school at Foothill High in Santa Ana, California. He and his older brother built a home, “the barn,” for their parents west of Cedar City, Utah, where Brad became passionate about gardening.While attending Southern Utah University (SUU) this interest led him to a job at SUU where he managed the greenhouses for the Botany Department. His interest in planting and caring for trees continued to grow and blossomed into “Bradley Tree Care” which he began in 1982.  He was a certified arborist with the International Society for Arboriculture (ISA), hepioneered proper commercial tree care in Southern Utah and helped St. George, Cedar City,and other Utah communities establish ISA standards for tree care.  His artistic tree work shaped the landscapes of his home communities of Springdale and Virgin, Utah, as well as many other towns in Utah and Nevada. Brad’s energy and passion for his care of plants and trees was contagious and everyone liked and loved him, it was so easy and pleasant to be in his company.

Friday at 3:40 pm December 30, 2011,Brad had just finished a job for a good friend in Veyo, Utah, and was parking the equipment for the end of the day when he hit a power transmission line and died instantly having accomplished another beautiful tree trimming job.  He had worked in and around many difficult situations with power lines so many hundreds of timessince 1982, which offers fate as the probable factor.

Brad, who was often affectionately referred to as Bradley or “other names” by his family and good friends, will be forever in our hearts. His nieces and nephew referred to him as “Uncle Bad”.  A friend called him the “Tree Whisperer”.  There are no worries that wherever he is now that he is not without the peace and happiness that guided his life.  He has a beautiful soul and was a wonderful human being.

Brad is deeply missed by his family: parents Jerry and Georgie Meinert, sister Page Witzdam, brother Mark Meinert Austin, nieces Margay Witzdam and Audrey Austin, nephew Miles Austin, and brother-in-law Steve Witzdam. And, as well, by all of his wild and wonderful friends.

Friends and family will be celebrating his life beginning at 3 pm until “Bradley time” Saturday, January 14th, 2012, at the Bit & Spur Restaurant,1212 Zion Park Boulevard, Springdale, Utah. If you are able to attend, please RSVP by email: or call 435-772-3498.

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