Apples to Apples…Orchard Conversations Overheard

I felt the need to drive today.  I’m in Washington state and since it’s known for apples, I felt that a drive on Apple Acre Road would be appropriate.

It’s January and the day is cold, but not without beauty.  I decided to post photos and write about the conversations I overheard.  Always looking for signs of community in my travels, I was surprised to find it in a tiny little orchard tucked in the hills, not far from the Columbia River.

Bluebird of Happiness!


“Be like Eve and bite me!” said Francesca Fuji. So he did.  

Interesting…whether it be a serpent or an apple, Adam or Eve, man or woman, the beginning of time or the present, the question and answer are the same:

“Would you like to live your life and live it with free will?”


"I'm can't breathe. I'm dying." said the Brad Braeburn. "No worries, we are here to comfort you and help you die in dignity." said the hospice leaves.

Maybe Elisabeth Kubler Ross was inspired to start the hospice movement by what she saw in an apple orchard.

I could hear the apples whispering to each other: "Hang in there Big Red!" "Keep the faith!" "Hey Gala Girl, how ya doing over there?"

I was a witness to the apples coming together as a community during the barren season.

"I'm tired and it's January in 2012. According to the Mayan Calendar, it's time for me to let go of the old energy and make way for the new. Down here I will be nourishment for those who cannot reach very high. They will not be left out - they will be fed." said Jesus Jonagold.

He learned how to let go and he was able to bring himself down from (the tree on) the mountain and feed those who could not reach the heavens.

Maybe I made this all up and maybe I didn’t.


About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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1 Response to Apples to Apples…Orchard Conversations Overheard

  1. Very nice…. no politics…. just apples…. and I love the apple crate picture. I took one of some lobster traps once. Didn’t remember taking it until I got home and it was pretty darned good for an old guy… then again, I was only 59 then.

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