Harvesting and Sowing a Community of Artists

Wine bottling event participant.

This past year I was invited to a wine bottling event at the Flyin’ Zion Art Ranch (FZAR) in southern Utah over Labor Day weekend.  The different cycles of the seasons could be seen in the event and community there.  Roger, the owner has been “sowing crops” of an art community for years, the caretaker has been taking care of the grounds, and the friends, which are really the FZAR family, were there to harvest grapes and bottle wine from 2008.  What a privilege for me to be there to see, participate, and take photos.

What Roger has and is continuing to create is a community of like-minded people.  In doing so, he’s also creating a legacy – traditions, systems, ideas, and acts of kindness that will be continued and repeated for years to come.  I’m banking on this.

Wine bottling process.

Early in the evening the bottling assembly line began.  Siphoning, filling, and corking.  Of course, there was some sampling of the wines, too.  Well, drinking of the wines while working, laughing, and playing.  After the bottling was the label making at a table set up with art supplies.  No rules.

Roger gave me a tour of the property, from the art studio spaces to the wine cellar, gardens, and camping space.  Everything was about community, art, and sustainable living.  The combination of the stunning vistas and feeling of community, I do believe I was walking on land that’s a piece of heaven on earth.  How lucky I was!

I thought I would be there for just an hour or so.  I was there for about six and enjoyed every minute of it.  I spent time watching the bottling process, participating in the label making, meeting new people, and watching the hula hoop play time.  Once darkness came the family began to prepare dinner in the community kitchen.  Each person brought something to share – whether ingredients or a dish to pass and it was evident that everything was prepared with love.  We were fed with love.

The ranch (land and community) is rich and fertile, perfect as they are constantly sowing new seeds of thought and community.  My guess is something is always ripe for harvest there, whether from the ground and foundation or after it’s been nurtured at the ranch over time.  The community gathers often to share in the bounty of their harvests and begin again with a new season.  Roger’s vision is a community that is also a legacy for others to follow.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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