Singing Their Song of Peace at Tibet Handicraft in Laguna Beach

“Humility” is the theme today, the 14th day of 64 days of non-violence, which started in Los Angeles as A Season for Non-Violence.  Thinking about what that means, I thought about the impact the Tibetans have had on the world, as a very humble people and culture itself.  Last January I had the pleasure of meeting the Pasang, one of the owners of Tibet Handicraft in Laguna Beach, California.  I wrote this blog article for another blog, but feel it’s appropriate for the Humility theme.

Sometimes, walking away from an injustice, untruth, and/or unfair situation is the highest form of action or reaction to take.  To be a non-activist is the highest form of activism and may be The Path.

I say, “Don’t free Tibet!”  For those who disagree, I ask that they bear with me on this train of thought.. 

I first met Tibetans when I was doing my sales and marketing internship at The Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.  For a few days I was assigned to housekeeping and I remember Tammy, the housekeeping manager, telling me about the group of Tibetans that worked in housekeeping.  She told me they were from the oldest cultures in the world and they were in exile.  With compassion in her voice and eyes, she told me a little bit about their loss of their place on a map. 

I was fascinated by the story of Tibet and found myself exploring by reading, watching documentaries and interviews with the Dalai Lama, watching mandala sandpainting rituals, and even attending a presentation by the Dalai Lama in Madison over ten years ago.  My interest and research on the power of peace, compassion, and forgiveness of the people of Tibet was leading the path of me finding me.

One of my greatest discoveries I made while on this path confirmed my belief that people CAN change.  Tibet is a great example of this.  In the 1200’s Tibet was part of Genghis Kahn’s empire.  In the 1600’s the Mongols allowed the Dalai Lama to take over as the political power within Tibet. Formerly led by conquerors, the power style shifted to that of peace and compassion.  People can change if they want and when they are ready.

Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve stumbled upon temples, stores, traditions, and events like the mandala sandpaintings that have been directly or indirectly influenced by the Tibetan people.  They have brought their spices, traditions, textiles, and peaceful practices here, to the United States.  In the big picture, aren’t we grateful that they are in exile?  I believe this IS there path, to be in exile and scattered around the world spreading messages of love, compassion, and forgiveness by simply living and walking the walk, not just talking it.

Tibet Handicrafts in Laguna Beach, California.

While coffee shop cruising in The Lumberyard Shops in Laguna Beach, California, beautiful textiles in a storefront’s windows caught my eye.  The door to Tibet Handicrafts was open, inviting me to walk in.  A Siren in the form of a singing bowl was calling me to come inside, where I met Pasang, one of the owners.  He was demonstrating the singing bowls for a couple of women and gave me permission to take video of it.

Singing bowls are used for meditation, healing practices, meditation, relaxation, personal well-being and religious practice.  There I was mesmerized by the sounds and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of being at peace.  If you haven’t been in a Tibetan import store, treat yourself to a field trip.  They are usually colorful as they are filled with imports from India and Nepal.  Explore them and you will see, read, and feel messages of peace, love, and compassion.  

Tibetan Import Store in Laguna Beach, California.

Could it be that the Universe scattered the Tibetans around the globe to sing their songs with messages of peace, love, and compassion?  I say, “Free yourself, not Tibet!”

Tibet Handicraft is located at 384 Forest Avenue, Suite 5, in Laguna Beach, CA.  The telephone number is 949.715.1043 and located in the most adorable outdoor shopping plaza, The Lumberyard.


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