Integrity in the Emotion, Love

Integrity is the Theme for Day 16 of 64 Days of Non-Violence.  It’s Valentine’s Day, so why not consider the emotion of love and integrity together.  What goes along with that on this day of love is the children’s book, A Wrinkle in Time.  Written by Madeleine L’Engle and published in 1962, it was actually a reading assignment I had in one of my college classes, World Religions.  It was probably my favorite class that semester because of the way the instructor encouraged us to stretch and think outside the box.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

Jody Daubert, the owner of Novel Delights a coffee shop/bookstore located in Omak, Washington found an older copy for me in her store.  I was delighted to find it and had been thinking about it since the Omak library announced at as a “Teens” read for February.  I think it should be for all ages and maybe during a time when so many adults are struggling with the economy, choices, and finding balance with integrity in their lives, it should be used for book clubs.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Mrs. Whatsit hates you,” Charles Wallace said.

And that was where IT made ITs fatal mistake, for as Meg said, automatically, “Mrs. Whatsit loves me; that’s what she told me, that she loves me,” suddenly she knew.

She knew!


That was what she had that IT did not have.

She had Mrs. Whatsit’s love, and her father’s, and her mother’s, and the real Charles Wallace’s love, and the twins’, and Aunt Beast’s.

And she had her love for them.

But how could she use it? What was she meant to do?

If she could give love to IT perhaps it would shrivel up and die, for she was sure that IT could not withstand love. But she, in all her weakness and foolishness and baseness and nothingness, was incapable of loving IT. Perhaps it was not too much to ask of her, but she could not do it.

But she could love Charles Wallace.”


Integrity and the emotion, love.  A great read that is easily found in libraries, book stores, and delightful little used bookstores like Novel Delights in Omak and Virgin Goods Bookstore in Virgin, Utah – two of my favorites.  Next week I will be exploring a couple treasured used bookstores in Spokane, a list compiled by my retired and wanderabout-loving neighbors.

Novel Delights is located at 19 N. Main Street in Omak, Washington and is open Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.  Jody expands her hours in late spring, adding Saturday hours of 10 am – 4 pm.

They serve a full espresso bar with Raven’s Brew coffee which is roasted in Tumwater, Washington.  “Wicked Wolf:  Grannie’s Gone but the Coffee’s On” is the house blend Jody serves.  She told me a story that at one time that Raven’s Brew carried the “pooped coffee” from some little marmot-rodent thing (Jody did NOT serve this).  Sounds like I need to investigate the story behind that one.

Virgin Goods is located in Virgin, Utah, just 12 miles west of Springdale – the Gateway to Zion National Park.  They have new and used books as well as jewelry, art, and some other interesting southern Utah…things.  The address is 2 East State Rd 9, Virgin, Utah and the telephone number is 435.635.7730.  I know from personal experience that when I’m searching for a book, I can post my request on the Facebook Fan Page and Lee gets back to me quickly.  Since Lee also operates the post office, I’m sure she’d be happy to mail books to you!

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