Where Cowgirls Fall In Love – Riverside, Washington

What does a Cowgirl (wanna-be) do on a sunny Monday afternoon?  Well, of course she goes to historic DeTro’s Western Store in Riverside, Washington.  “Riverside has a history replete with freighting, shipping, and considerable roistering.  Much more quiet today, the place has not become a ghost town.”  – from an old postcard given to me by Dawn at DeTro’s.

(pause) I need to give credit to a very nice businessman in Okanogan, Washington and Bob from Livestock Cafe for suggesting I visit this store while in the area.

Tellin' stories with Tegan at DeTro's Western Store

I was like a kid in a candy store – everything that makes me fall in love with the idea of becoming a cowgirl is there (well, except a horse and Ryan Bingham) – RED and all different colors of cowboy boots, Western clothing, hats, jewelry, Annie Oakley Honeysuckle perfume (ooh-lah-lah), and some “bling-bling” belts and purses.  Of course, being the authentic Western supply store, it also has a selection of saddles and tack, ropes, and chaps.  Hea-ven!

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*I decided to bring Ryan with me through YouTube, since he was unable to join me in my Wanderabout Field Trip.

What could make it even better?  Well….Tegan.  I saw him walk into DeTro’s with a real cowboy walk and big, sparkling eyes.  I asked him if he was a cowboy and the answer came out fast – “Yes!”

Real Cowboy. A ham for sure.

“Well then, let’s get you in a cowboy shirt, chaps, and cowboy hat and show the girls how you can break their hearts later.”  Dawn smiled and grabbed a pair of chaps and a Wrangler shirt while his mom found both of us real cowboy hats.  Then Dawn helped me with a pair of chinks (I’m a cowgirl WANNA-BE…now I know what they are and how they go on) – the cowhide ones.  Woot!

Learning the ropes from Dawn - the difference between chaps & chinks, and that they fasten in front.

We saddled Tegan up and that little cowboy was tellin’ me some mighty tall tales.  He’s gonna be a heart breaker for sure!

After playing around a bit, I scoped out the store which is chock-a-block full of authentic Western attire, saddles, ropes, and everything real cowboys, Rodeo Queens, and posers need.  It’s historic…classic…and a place you can yell, “Yippee-Ki-Yi-Yay!” and nobody will look at you strangely, unless you think laughing and smiling is a “strangely” look.

When you’re out on a Sunday drive, road trip, family vacation, or heading to the Omak Stampede, and you find Riverside, Washington on your map, I highly recommend you make a stop, add a little side trip, and have some fun.  Shop where the real cowgirls and cowboys come from all over.

DeTro’s Western Store is located 6 miles north of Omak, just off highway 97 in Riverside at 107 Main St.  They are open Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 6 pm, Friday, 9 am – 6:30 pm, and Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm.  They are closed on Saturday.

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I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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6 Responses to Where Cowgirls Fall In Love – Riverside, Washington

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  2. Gerri Schmitt says:

    I love the pictures of you and cowboy Tegan. You look great in the cowgirl clothes,but then you are actually a cowgirl. I remember a six year old cowgirl making a small bay mare do what she wanted, in spite of my warnings to slow down. Love Mom

  3. just kristy says:

    Mom! I have the photo of me with the bike and cowboy hat from Neva and red jacket that grandma Lavina made on my Facebook. I miss and love you both!

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  5. brandeeann says:

    This is just to Awesome Tegan is going to be just like his dad for sure… Flirting with all the ladies.. Dan his dad emailed this link to me and It brought tears to my eyes… My lil man is growing up so quickly… I cant wait to see him… the day cant come quick enough.. He is my lil cowboy…. I loved your blog… and all your pictures my family down here in AZ got a real treat… Thank you again for sharing……………………………………………..”Tegabug’s” Mommy Brandy

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