Found: Signs of The Good Life

Kick Your Heels Up!

I’m always looking for “signs” and ways to experience The Good Life in my everyday travels.  Sometimes it takes some work, but on Monday it was easy.  First I got to be “Rodeo Queen for a Day” at DeTro’s Western store in Riverside, Washington and immediately following that I was literally overwhelmed by signs when I crossed the street and took a stroll through the Riverside Grocery & Antiques.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs of The Good Life.  Let me share just a few of them that I found in Riverside Grocery.  They each have a message but I added my own message, what “sign” I read from them…

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Recently the local radio station has been playing the song Good Life by One Republic quite a bit.  I love the fact that the DJ has shared with her audience that her 5 yr-old son sings this song.  What a great thing – a child, singing about the Good Life!

The photos are from a tiny little convenience store-gas station in Riverside just 6 miles north of Omak, Washington.  The owner, Kim Nagy found her way out her many years ago from the Midwest and with her she obviously brought her wonderful sense of humor.  It’s in every little nook and cranny in her shop.

What took me there?  A Very Nice Businessman in Okanogan, Washington.  He’s suggested many places for me to go and explore in the valley and highlands, and none of which are places to hike, explore, or take landscape photos.  They’ve all been places of community.  Hmm…something I’ve been searching for on this long wanderabout.

Expressing the Good Life in Riverside, Washington.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross, the pioneer of the hospice movement, encouraged people to get rid of the “fluff” in their lives.  For those who find it difficult to do this, there is a place to take that fluff, whether it comes deep from within your pockets or in your belly button – right here in Riverside.

Let go of the small stuff.

Riverside Grocery & Antiques is located at 102 N. Main Street in Riverside, Washington, just north of Omak.  The phone number is 509.826.2049.  More antiques will be coming in spring.  A great place to fill your tank with the best priced gas around, pick up a soda, or an ice cream, and find signs of The Good Life.


About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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14 Responses to Found: Signs of The Good Life

  1. Dena Rabadi says:

    WOnderful photography

  2. kim says:

    krysti….thanks for all the wonderful stuff you have said about the store! i love all your photo’s…and i surely hope you will visit again, while you are staying in the okanogan! it is a sweet life!!!

  3. Carol Kunz says:

    Thank you Miss Kristy for taking the time to visit these wonderful places in both Riverside and Okanogan, Washington. I happen to be the owner of the Riverside Grocery Store, Kim Nagy’s mom and altho I live in Michigan and not able to see Kim’s store very often I am aware of a lot of the “stuff” she has crammed into her little store, half of which I think she toted back there from here. She took me on a virtual tour a week or so ago via Facetime and I spotted an old dolls head just sitting there by the coffeepot. Well, that doll needed a body so she sent it to me and me and dolly are happy now, she has a body and is lying in a century old childs sleigh in my living room. Stop in for a cup of coffee if you’re ever in Michigan!

    • just kristy says:

      I do love the Midwest and miss it (from Wisconsin, don’t ya know) – and will take you up on that cuppa if I find myself wandering your way. It was such a fun “field trip” to Riverside – one for adults and kids alike! I’m glad to hear that the doll head is safe now with a body & a bed in your home!

  4. Melanie says:

    Well DONE!!! I love Riverside Grocery and Kim has been a dear friend for atleast 25 years!!….love seeing the photos. Sending warm greetings all the way from Queensland , Australia to all back home in Riverside. xoxo ps…love your blog Kristy and these are terrific photos!

    • just kristy says:

      Thanks, Melanie…just getting to the comments (had a bit of a sp$m problem). That’s awesome that you are keeping track of Kim from overseas! I loved the store – so fun and interesting. A great place to SERIOUSLY “feel” the good life!

  5. Dave says:

    Cool! I hope to make it up there some day!

    Dave Hage

  6. Steve says:

    Awesome!!!! My Aunt Kim is such a unique and cool lady. She is living the good life and obviously expressing it so many ways. Thank you for telling her story via your website. Life is good!!!!

  7. Krysti says:

    Wow!!! Camden(Kim’s great nephew) and I, his mother, enjoyed reading and viewing all the pictures!!! We cannot wait to visit. Great job Kristy!

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