Audience Participation Encouraged

Valentine’s Day, a day of love, fun, and romance.  Well, I had a great day – loved what I did, had some fun, and didn’t quite have a “Romancing the Stone” experience, but close – there was an adventure involved at Scroungers Second Hand Emporium in Okanogan, Washington.

The Luxury of Faux Fur

I walked in with my camera and tripod and announced to the owners Brian and Dene that we were going to do a photo shoot that day.  Of course Brian was game and at the end of our play he said, “I encourage audience participation!”  Dene seemed quiet and reserved at first, but since he’s a photographer and camera buff, I simply gave him my Canon DSLR and let him take charge of the photos, right after I snapped one of him with a hunting bow.

While we were thinking about what to feature for the day, a customer walked in.  I asked if she wanted to join us and of course she did.  Why wouldn’t she?  How could she turn down an opportunity to be a high-fashion model at Scroungers?

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We played and played and played.  Then Brian’s wife, Rebecka came in and joined the fun.  Janna chose the Wonder Woman shirt for me to wear, which is really a girls’ skating top,  and we decided that I would try to lure Brian away from the shop while Rebecka saved him.  I don’t know what we were really thinking.  It’s just nice when people act (less than) their age with me to take the pressure off of me.


Audience Participation” – what a great way to describe it, whether playing at a thrift store, Western store, or at home.  Having fun and enjoying life doesn’t have to cost much, or anything at all.  By the way, the Wonder Woman shirt is only $5.

Scroungers is located at 123 First Ave. South in Okanogan, Washington.  The telephone number is 509.322.7326 and merchandise changes daily.  Everything we used for dress-up, right down to Janna’s mucking boots were available for sale at the time of photos.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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