Collaboration: striving to move from surviving to thriving.

When I first landed in the Okanogan Valley, my friend Kathleen drove me around to help me become acquainted with the area and get a better feel for the community.  One thing she pointed out were the multiple businesses that “buddy” together by sharing office, retail, or other space.  One of my favorites is the Omak Feed & Supply, which has Jo’s Barber Shop located inside.  It really makes sense…come in to town to buy your feed and get a buzz while you’re there.

Stormy Kromers! Woot!

My first visit was last week and I was excited to find a display as you walk in the door for Stormy Kromers.  What are they?  The coolest version of an Elmer Fudd hat you will ever find.  Why do I love these?  They are made in the midwest (or were), I love their marketing – makes me smile, and the Elmer Fudd-ish look to them – but classy.  Yes, I think they are classy and the “Petal Pushers” have cute flowers on them.

Guns and horse (the yellow one) are ready, Cowboy.

Yesterday turned out to be the day to take a “Field Trip” to Omak Feed & Supply with Paul.  We were actually on our way to do some coffee shop cruising, but the lure of an opportunity to “play” was too great for either of us to resist, so in we went and that’s when the fun began!

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You can find just about anything there, but our field trip began with the carousel, but the chaps hanging on the wall next to it were meant for trying on, so quickly we switched to some Cowboy Play.  Paul had all he needed to be a cowboy – chaps, a hat, guns (classic hand pose), and of course…his horse from the carousel.

It’s a western-ish store, so I was not surprised to find John Wayne lunch boxes displayed on a popcorn stand (with fresh popped popcorn), but was surprised to find some beautiful hand-painted silk scarves.  A scarf with mustangs painted on it was only $25 – a great bargain.  In addition to the staples that feed and supply stores offer, you will find gloves, hats, pet accessories, Radio Flyers, and even farm fresh eggs.  We both enjoyed our stroll through the store and discovering many of the treasures within the store.

Located on west end of Main Street in Omak, Washington, Omak Feed & Supply is a good example of many of the businesses and retail operations in the Okanogan Valley that work together in promoting business.  It’s an interesting area to explore and I find myself looking for and finding many examples of people and businesses working together in various types of partnerships.

Evidence of Unity in the Community.  I love it!

Omak Feed & Supply is located at 3 Dewberry Avenue West in Omak, Washington, the home of the Omak Stampede.  Their phone number is 509.826.1160.  Go on – get your Stormy Kromer there!

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