Novel Delights – Promoting Neighbors

A good book and a cuppa to start the day.

Novel Delights is a coffee shop/bookstore/gift shop located in downtown Omak, Washington.



of a new kind; different from anything seen or known before: a novel idea.




a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture: She takes great delight in her job.

something that gives great pleasure: The dance was a delight to see.

The first time I went there I was impressed with the barista, Debbie and her friendliness and customer service.  What I have found since that day about six weeks ago, is that the Okanogan Valley in Washington seems to be filled with friendly people.  Friendly people are a delight!

Used bookstore in Novel Delights.

On another visit I met the owner, Jody and she was very helpful in searching for a book for me, A Wrinkle in Time.  I asked her about her coffee from Ravens Brew and she told me how when they opened the coffee shop 13 years ago, she and her daughter, Roni did a lot of research and sampling before they chose that brand.

Wicked Wolf - Grannie's Gone But the Coffee's On!

Jody showed me the posters for each roast and we both laughed about the humor in the names and marketing they use.  The house roast at Novel Delights is Wicked Wolf – “Grannie’s Gone but the Coffee’s On.”  Not only is the coffee great, but it makes me smile and want to try their other blends like Dharma Beans, Skookum, and Resurrection.  Ravens Brew has some very creative and artistic people working for them in marketing.  Love it!

Last week I ran into my favorite “Very Nice Businessman” a/k/a Brian Ellis, and he told me that when he and his wife had two drive-up coffee shops, Jody’s business partner and daughter, Roni, taught them how to make coffee.  Brian and Rebecka were serving Tully’s coffee, but Roni took the time to teach them how to make coffee drinks.  She taught a competitor how to do it right.  Now that’s what I would consider a Novel Delight!  Promoting the neighbor…this makes me wonder if that’s one, just one reason why the state of Washington is known for coffee and coffee houses – because neighbors promote and help their neighbors.

Too many times I’ve cringed when I’ve heard business people take pleasure in their neighbor’s faults, downfalls, and/or lack of customer service, thinking that it will send business there way.  That’s lacking the big picture view.  One bad business can destroy a community’s ability to attract travelers and tourists.  Generalizations can be made that a town is unfriendly, uninviting, and even lacking cleanliness because of the impression given by just one experience at one business.

My hat’s off to Novel Delights for operating at a higher level!  Hmmm…I just had a thought…maybe Jody, Roni, and Debbie drink the Dharma Beans blend.  It claims to change your Karma.  It might be something for people to try, or even the Resurrection Roast.  Just a thought.

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Novel Delights offers a full coffee bar selection, muffins, lunch, and cookies made there.  I must mention that the cookies are made with real butter and my favorites are the oatmeal raisin and oatmeal-craisin-white chocolate.  It’s one of my favorite places to enjoy a cuppa (and cookie) while wandering through the gift shop and bookstore.  The gift shop is great and I think it’s probably an expression of Jody because as you browse through the books, cards, candles, and jewelry, you find signs that are very fun to read.  I’m often laughing and giggling out loud.

Yesterday I parked myself there for a couple of hours and again, was pleased with my experience there.  Debbie was working and attentive to the customers.  Although they serve lunch there, she was enjoying the Albondigas soup from Rancho Chico’s across the street with a friend, and she was quick to show me their menu and point it out as a “must-try” item there.  Again, promoting their neighbors.  A Novel Delight!

Novel Delights is located at 19 N. Main St. in Omak, Washington.  The phone number is 509.826.1113 and winter hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

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