Be Present and Focus on the Future

A Sunday Drive in Washington.

Something that brings me joy is sharing the love of photography – just having fun with it.  I was out on a “Sunday Drive” with Paul suggested that he take some photos while I drove.  This turned out to be my favorite photo.  Although I know some professional photographers might comment on the sun spots, I love it for what it says to me:

Be present in the moment.  Look where you are going.  Focus.  Focus on what you desire, what you seek to manifest.”

Unimog Ride at Zion Ponderosa.

I love to take photos in mirrors and windows and then looking at them later to see what message comes to me.  I took the one above almost two years ago and the message I receive is:

“Look where I am heading.  Before you do that, I will show you where I’ve been.  Focus on that…notice the road and just a glimpse of someone whose path has crossed mine.  Focus on the path I’ve walked, not where I am going.

Do you see why I love Paul’s photo?  Be in the present and focus on the future.

This message goes along with the one I share with many people I meet, the one about having no history.  “It’s the beauty of me,” I told a friend yesterday, “that I come here with no history.  The past doesn’t matter.  All that matters is who people are in this moment when they are with me.”

That’s how I like to travel – in the present, letting go of and/or not knowing the past.  I think that’s just one secret to enjoying life a little more.


Today is Day 38 of 64 Days of Non-Violence with a theme of Kindness.  The assignment for the day as set by A Season for Peace and Violence is:

Everyday we hear of random and senseless acts of violence. Participate in the counter-revolution of kindness started by Anne Herbert. Perform three random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

I would like to add that in order for people to change, including ourselves, we need to “come without history” to our relationships – old and new.  Don’t let your past or someone else’s keep healing and growth from happening.  Let go.  That’s an act of kindness.

As Paul put it, we can choose to let things from the past haunt us or we can choose to let it go.  Let it go and “come without history” in your life and allow others to, also.


About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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2 Responses to Be Present and Focus on the Future

  1. Ed says:

    Living in the past can get in the way of your future. OTOH, learning from the past is something much needed by us all both individually and as a society. Enjoy your journey!

    • just kristy says:

      I agree – both are true. Learn from the past but don’t let it keep you from moving forward. I also think it’s important to not let other people’s past keep them from moving forward. I am learning this – more discerning about what stories I listen to. Thank you.

      Looking forward to reading your books!

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