The 5 Good Things in My Life…Today

Dare to Dream

During a conversation with my mother recently, she shared with me advice given to her a couple of years ago from her neighbor.  It was simple, to just think of five good things in your life when you wake up in morning and to do this before anything else – even before stretching.  I love the idea and this morning my five were:

Paul.  I met him in June and he has never said anything negative to me about me or anyone else.  Never.

My son.  I love that he’s walking his own path in his own way.  I love him for many things, but that’s what I “saw” when I thought of him as one of my five good things.

Kathleen.  She has a heart of gold and maybe a direct line of communication to god.

My sister.  She called me in September after not talking for 3 – 4 years.

The lavender bushes in the backyard.  I uncovered them yesterday and the faint scent left on the cover was still in my mind.

These were just from this morning.  Yesterday they were slightly different as they will be tomorrow.  I could make a list of 10, 20, or even 100, but then the exercise would lose the healing quality about it – the ability to focus and spend time in appreciation.  The assignment is perfect:  think of five good things in your life right now.

This exercise this morning made me think of a few emails and chat conversations I had yesterday and over the years about happiness and what makes us happy.  A couple of years ago I shared with a few people who asked why I was happy and how I could help them that I may not be exactly as they see me through Facebook, but I was getting closer.  Almost everyday I use  things I learned from Religious Science on how to created the life I wanted – Meditation, Affirmations, and Spiritual Mind Treatments.

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Meditation to focus.  Affirmations in my meditation, in my journal, on collages, and on my Facebook through quotes and status updates.  Spiritual Mind Treatments (affirmative directed prayer) to remind me of all there is and who I am.

When asked to help others, I have usually started by telling them to start with affirmations and change their Facebook to make it a Vision board.  Some I directed to another social networking site, that was once a positive daily message site that I joined almost 10 years ago.  Now it’s got a lot more going on and appealing to many people searching.

Music therapy is another way to keep my spirits up.  I have only a few CDs that I start my days with – Natalie Merchant, Harvey Swanson, Jack Johnson, or a CD with songs written and sung for Sri Sathya Sai Baba which was given to me.  Choose the positive.

Watching people do what they love, trying new things, playing, being with their children, etc.  In other words, I like to “people watch” happy events.  Sometimes I will make an effort to create something by handing my camera to a child or a friend, asking people to “play” and allow me to take photos, or show them a photo I took of them that shows how beautiful they are.

Beauty.  I seek and try to surround myself with beauty – beautiful places, people, words.  Beautiful words and images.

Faith.  I also have a lot of faith and realize how important that is when so many people seem to lack it.  Re-reading Man’s Search for Meaning is a good reminder of that need for faith, too.  Faith and appreciation for my journey, family, friends, communities, humanity, the economy, etc., and god.

This is all part of Healing, which was the Daily Practice for Day 8 of 64 Days of Non-Violence.  It was the day that my spiritual practitioner e-mailed me, with a note, “Kristy, you were on my mind today….yesterday was Education; today, February 6th, the 8th day is Healing.”  She told me that I could help others by sharing how I’ve walked through painful situations.

The assignment from A Season for Non-Violence, which can be done any day:

“Writer, poet, activist, and professor Maya Angelou turned a traumatic childhood experience into a catalyst for creativity and achievement. Today, choose a painful incident in your that and find the “gift” it has given you. Consciously share this gift with others today.”

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I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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