Meditation, Vibration, Elevation, Levitation, & Celebration!

A couple nights ago I was part of a teleconference through Agape International Spiritual Center.  Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s message was about was about your uniqueness and preciousness of life.  He talked about meditation, vibration, elevation, and levitation.

A short overview of his message:  discover the uniqueness of who you are and the preciousness of life through meditation and prayer.  Raise the your vibrational level, above the base level of integrity – go beyond.  Elevate your thinking to levitate above mediocrity.

One suggestion he made was that you pull out a photo of yourself when you were young – birth to 3 years old.  Look at the photo and remind yourself of who you were, before you were negatively influenced by society.  A few days before the teleconference I had switched my Facebook photo to when I was 3 years old (or just turned 4), with my red bike.  It’s very symbolic for me and my path, my road to Zion.

Cowgirl with a red bike.

My grandma Neva gave me the bike and the cowgirl hat, which was my Easter basket, filled with candy (woo-hoo! – love candy!).  The little red coat was made by my grandma Lavina.  I use this photo on Facebook when I want to remind myself to be who I really am – a free spirit who likes to ride.

Although I’ve used it for a few years, this past January when I changed my profile to it, a Wisconsin friend made the following comments which made me smile, laugh, and nod my head:

“Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. If ever a picture caught an image of our true spirit…this would be one.”


“No training wheels.”

and finally…

“You are free to move about the country.”

He got it.  Thank you, Rich!

Meditation, Vibration, Elevation, Levitation, & Celebration.  Celebrate yourself!

The teleconference was full of reminders and suggestions of how to levitate above mediocrity.  I highly recommend checking out their website for books, tapes, DVDs, and subscribing to the on-line community .  Subscriptions for the on-line community are $14.95/month, with the first month complimentary.

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I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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