Candy is a Good Thing

Birthday party in a box!

Every day think of just 5 Good Things in Your Life.  Mine today are:

My box of candy.  The box arrived last week on my birthday – with candy, cookies, and a coffee mug.  I love all of that, but who doesn’t love candy?  It takes me back to childhood – the fun of buying and eating candy, watching movies like Willy Wonka (the original), and thinking of the Child Catcher in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, and the love of the sugar buzz.  Good things!

Fight Back Candle from D-n-D Ranch Aromas.  It smells like pear and lily of the valley.  I miss those little flowers!  The scent is yummy!  Proceeds from the candle go to the Susan G. Komen fund for the cure in Southeastern Colorado, which means they help our friend, Julie Rausch to Fight Back!

Wool Socks.

Finding Water by Julia Cameron.  It’s the third book in her trilogy, which started with The Artist’s Way.  Finding Water:  The Art of Perseverance.

Silk.  Crepe, flat crepe, chiffon, charmeuse, or habotai.  Silk is a good thing.  I believe it has healing qualities.  Yes, maybe I’m making that up, but maybe not.

Just a reminder to start your day thinking about 5 Good Things.  It’s also a great practice to think of 5 things before going to sleep that you are grateful for.  Back to Starburst Crazy Beans….yummy!

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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