Painting the Big Picture

“Actually I think Art lies in both directions – the broad strokes, big picture but on the other hand the minute examination of the apparently mundane. Seeing the whole world in a grain of sand, that kind of thing. ”  Peter Hammill

“The Art of Patti Lewis” is all about painting the big picture.  In just a few months – a few months during winter in southern Utah, she was able to start and finish a very large mural project for the Kane County Office of Tourism.  When I approached her about the project, I gave her a list of things to incorporate into the mural, from Mormon pioneer history to dinosaur fossils to “The Wave” to movie history, photography, hiking, rock climbing, ATV riding, etc – all the reasons that tourists visit Kane County.  The list was long and not only did she incorporate everything, she added more.

Although I my 90-day term ended before she finished, a local resident sent photos of the finished mural to me, which included an addition to the project that had the fingerprints of Patti Lewis all over it – a cut out of a car loaded with luggage.  I do not doubt that it was her vision to extend the road into the landscape rock – a road she painted in the mural.  The car is planted in the rock to look as though it is driving to the office of tourism.  Classic Patti.

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There is no project too big for Patti Lewis.  In fact, I think some projects are just too small for her.  When she was sketching the rendering, I noticed she seemed to struggle a little.  She wanted a bigger canvas to work on – the sketchbook didn’t seem to be large enough.  Patti Lewis has the ability to see the big picture in life, especially when it comes to tourism marketing and promotion in the southwest – it’s what she’s passionate about.

When I went back to visit in April, it was a pleasant surprise to not only see the project just days before it was finished, but also to hear the positive feedback from local residents and business owners.  It took patience and a little time for them to see what Patti saw all along – “The Big Picture” of all the beautiful, amazing, and historical reasons that make Kane County a special place to visit.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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