Extending Heaven

“Focus Your Energy.”  As I was organizing photos on my computer, I came across this one that I took in Seattle, Washington.  It was a window display at one of the outfitter stores in the downtown area.  It caught my attention because much of the past few months I have been spending a lot of time thinking about where I focus my energy, choices I’ve made, and what I want to manifest in my life.

This past Sunday I was listening to a download from Agape International Spiritual Center titled, “Heavenly Choices” which seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear.  Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith talked about extending heaven where you are at in the moment.

It’s not a new concept to “live heaven on earth,” but there were a couple of stories that brought it home for me.  One in particular was about a group of people from a spiritual conference who decided to dine at a small, understaffed restaurant all at the same time.  Instead of being frustrated with the lack of service staff, cooks, and bussers, these conference attendees helped the restaurant out by taking orders, bussing, and doing anything they could to “extend heaven” where they were at in the moment.  They did not focus on the negative by complaining or blaming, they simply acted in selfless service.

Inspiring.  I thought about that story and how I could do my part.  It was obvious.  I’m a seasonal employee at a ranch-resort and as a server, part of my job is to take meal orders and deliver food for my co-workers.  They are responsible for finding me, placing their orders, and clearing their dirty dishes from the employee dining room.  So, how could I “extend heaven” beyond what my job requires?  I already love the idea that we serve our co-workers and do my best in delivering meals to front desk staff, so why not add occasionally clearing their plates from the table?  As long as it doesn’t interfere with my duties of serving the guests of the resort, I decided that this is a way that I could extend heaven.  It’s my way of  “washing their feet” to honor who they are, no matter if they clean rooms, cleaning fish, mow grass, cook, work the front desk, guide, etc.  They are as worthy as I am to be served, appreciated, and respected.

Focus your energy on extending heaven.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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