Links to People, Places, & Things


Focus on Zion | the art of finding heaven on earth.  A travel and art guide for those seeking simple pleasures in life.


Ali’s Organics | Feed The Earth That Feed The Plants That Feed You.  Ali’s Organics and Garden Supply – Organic Gardening, Fertilizer, Natural Pest Control.  LaVerkin, Utah.


Virgin Goods | Rare and Used Books, Jewelry, and Art.  Virgin, Utah (on the way to Zion National Park).  About my visit there:


Jeff Hagen | Artist, Author, Teacher.  A little bit about his book, Brewed Awakenings:


Teresa Good | Good4U.  Teresa and her husband, Lonnie are singers and songwriters in Okanogan, Washington.  They orchestrate a weekly singer/songwriter showcase on Thursday nights at the Salmon Creek Coffee Shop in Okanogan.  One of my favorites that Teresa wrote is “Love Without Warning” and I was privileged enough to videotape them during practice –

Lonnie Good | Good4U.  Lonnie is a singer/songwriter who runs Good Studios in Okanogan, Washington and works with many local musicians.  The Okanogan “Good Medicine” Valley is overflowing with musicians and artists.  It’s not difficult to find events and festivals with live music going on throughout the year.  One fun little song that Lonnie wrote is about a very unique and eclectic cafe that took me back to memories of growing up in rural Wisconsin, which you can find here:

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