Heavenly Marshmallows at the Fremont Sunday Market

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Heaven.  Lime ginger was my pick from Mallow Artisan Marshmallows at the Fremont Sunday Market on Easter.  The marshmallows melt in your mouth as the flavors delight your senses.

On Easter Sunday Paul and I went to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington to stroll through the Sunday Market.  We got their early and were able to stroll through the booths of art, jewelry, food, antiques, and even some hats before the crowd picked up.  There were many different food vendors, but I think our favorite one was Mallow, the artisan marshmallows.  Yummy!

After going to the market, we stayed in the neighborhood for a few hours checking out the parks and shops.  We found a wonderful used bookstore, Ophelia’s Books, next to Jive Time record store.  Across the street was Pie, where you could find the perfect morning, afternoon, or evening snack of – pie!  Dream caught my attention with their window display.  Inside I found candles, accessories, and versatile sandals that I liked.

I was disappointed that Bitters was closed.  It’s an eclectic store with artisan crafts from around the world.  I also read about some of the specialty items they carry, which included items made from recycled glass.  Suggested by an artist that it be on our list of destinations in Seattle, we were able to look inside through the windows and found it to be beautifully merchandised.  We will make it there on our next visit to Seattle.

After wandering past the library, which is located in an historic building next to a park with a water reclamation sculpture.  From their we walked under the highway and back toward the market.  We passed the Fremont bus stop, which had a sculpture of people waiting for the bus located next to the bench.  It was Easter Sunday and someone had decorated the people in the sculpture with bunny ears and tails, streamers, and marshmallow Peeps.

We both enjoyed our tourist stop in the Fremont neighborhood, even more than our visit to Pike’s Market in downtown Seattle.  Fremont has a wonderful feel to it – artsy, eclectic, and diverse.  It reminds me of the Willy Street neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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