Shall We Dance, LaBerta?

Living, loving, and laughing with LaBerta is the name of a photo album I have.  LaBerta is an artist and author who has been dancing through life for over 90 years now.  She’s a gem of a friend and has helped me to dance, play, and cheat in solitaire.  Yes, cheat.  LaBerta told me,  “I figure we put so much time into the game by ourselves, so why not win?”

"Shall we dance?"

She invited me to this gathering and to have a “sleepover” so that I could share in her enjoyment of people, music, singing, and poetry reading.

While the musicians were taking a break, we began to play dress-up with her hats and jackets, some that she made many years earlier, when she would go out dancing in Mesquite, Nevada.  The one she chose for me was a turquoise polyester jacket with a silver metallic design that she made for those special dates with her husband.

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LaBerta shares secrets of living and loving as she dances through life and into the hearts of family and friends.

About Kristy "Kiki"

I'm just a gypsy with a passion for the earth, people, art, music, photography, and writing.
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